24 hours in Düsseldorf, Germany – Travel Guide from a Local

24 hours in Düsseldorf, Germany

Düsseldorf is the city I grew up in – this is why I am excited to share with you my insider travel tips of what to see and do in 24 hours in the capital of Germany”s largest state Nordrhein-Westphalia.

The promenades at the river Rhine
The Rhine promenade in Düsseldorf


  • Düsseldorf is the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s largest state by population
  • It is home to Germany’s third-largest airport after Frankfurt and Munich
  • 600,000 people live in Düsseldorf (3 Million in Greater Düsseldorf)
  • It’s one of Germany’s wealthiest cities with major telecommunication, media, and consumer goods companies headquartered here
  • Düsseldorf is Germany’s fashion capital 
  • Located in the largest urban area in Germany, major cities such as Cologne (Köln) are only a short drive away


Key areas which I recommend exploring are the following: 

  • Königsallee – This is the heart of Düsseldorf, the main shopping street where you will find most of the international luxury brands. During summertime, you can find many coffee shops along the Königsallee from where I love to watch people passing by (it’s literally like a fashion show). 
  • Altstadt – The Old Town has many different bars and restaurants. Normally people go there for after-work drinks or a night out (it also has a great daily market, see below)
  • Rheinufer – Especially crowded during summer, the promenade of the river Rhine is a popular place for locals to go for a coffee or drinks while watching the cargo ships pass by. A great sunset spot, guaranteed!
  • Medienhafen: Along the Rheinufer, you will find Düsseldorf’s popular Medienhafen. It is a fairly new area of the city, known for its great architecture (you have to see the Gehry buildings), the revolving television tower (you can visit the top for great views of the city or dinner), and many dining options. 


Düsseldorf is known for fantastic shopping in Germany. Here are my favourite places! 

  • Königsallee – The iconic Königsallee is the heart of the city. Along the beautiful street are the city’s best shops, hotels, and restaurants.
  • Breuninger – This is Düsseldorf largest department store with a great mix of different international fashion brands, from shoes to clothes, cosmetics, and luggage (it’s definitely my go-to mall). It also has great restaurants which I love (such as the famous Sansibar – see below) 
  • Jades – The high-end fashion store in Düsseldorf, which also has an online shop. There are two stores which are directly opposite of each other. One is for high fashion designers whereas the other is more casual with an amazing selection of jeans! 
  • Apropos – Love Apropos as they have a great selection of brands – from shoes, bags, to candles and clothing.
  • Stilwerk – My personal favourite for all things regarding furniture shopping. Stilwerk is a mall with different shops from kitchen, bathroom, to living furniture.


  • Sansibar: Originally a restaurant on Germany’s beloved vacation island Sylt, it has now opened other restaurant branches across Germany. Every time I am back in Düsseldorf, I’m eating Schnitzel, Currywurst or Kaiserschmarren at the Sansibar! So delicious! (Try the Sansibar Bellini)
  • Carlsplatz market in the Altstadt: Open daily, the market has different food stalls – good for a quick lunch (Love the traditional Reibekuchen here – see picture below). You can also buy beautiful flowers or traditional German bread.
  • Bar in the Intercontinental: Favourite Jazz bar, especially cosy in winter. Directly next to Königsallee, the Bar Fifty Nine is a great location to stop by for a coffee in the afternoon or a drink in the evening.
  • Drinks at the Kasematten: The Kasematten are the restaurants at the Rhine promenade, worth visiting when the weather is nice. 
  • Osteria Nussbaum: This is where I would go for dinner with my family or friends. The Italian restaurant has a very cosy setting and is based in Niderkassel – best reached by car. 
  • Meerbar: Enjoy seafood at massive wooden tables, in an opulent lounge with a stylish bar. Also great for evening drinks. 
  • Lido: This restaurants also based in the Medienhafen offers a French gourmet Cousine. The setting is rather puristic with great views of the river Rhine. The restaurant has also opened other branches across Düsseldorf – such as the Lido Malkasten, which has a more casual setting. 
  • Dox in the Hyatt hotel: 

If you have any questions, please drop a line below. I wish you a nice time in Düsseldorf. Enjoy!

Düsseldorf Rheinpromenade

Düsseldorf Rheinpromenade

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