24 Hours in Munich, Germany

24 Hours in Munich, Germany

Munich is Bavaria’s capital, home to century-old buildings and the annual Oktoberfest. Here are the top things to do if you are spending one day in Munich. 


Bavarian Breakfast at Hotel Bayrischer Hof

When in Munich, you should enjoy a typical Bavarian breakfast with traditional Weißwurst (veal sausage) and Brezn (pretzel). You can find one of the best breakfasts at the traditional Hotel Bayrischer Hof, which offers stunning views over Munich’s skyline.


Shop Till You Drop

In Germany, Munich is known for its great taste in fashion. The best shopping houses you should check out is “Lodenfrey” (also known for its great choice of traditional German garment – the Dirndl and Lederhosen), “Ludwig Beck”, the “Fuenf Hoefe”, and “Oberpollinger”. Lastly, don’t forget to go to Maximilian Straße filled with luxury boutiques – from Chanel to Cartier, this street has them all. 


Lunch at Dallmayr

Head to Alois Dallmayr, a paradise for food lovers. In Germany, Dalmayer is well known for its coffee beans. The flagship store in Munich, however, has much more to offer: from confectionary to tea, to wine and spirits, cold and hot buffets, bread selections, ham and sausages, to fish, fruits and vegetables. Besides delicatessen, Dallmayr also has a Cafe- Bistro and a contemporary restaurant. It’s definitely worth a visit!




The Marienplatz (Marien Square) is the heart of Munich. For more than a century it played a central part in the daily lives of people living in Munich. The facade of the New Town Hall is beautifully decorated and offers wonderful clock chimes every day at 11am, noon, 5pm, and 9pm. There are over 45 bells and more than 30 figures, which will appear and dance.


Hofbräuhaus am Platze

Head to the traditional Bavarian restaurant, a 3-floor beer hall dating back to the 16th century. You can enjoy traditional Bavarian lunch (and beer) with original German music. Fun fact: The Hofbräuhaus hosts so many regulars, that guests can store their personal beer mug in one of the safes in the Schwemme. 


Max Joseph Platz

Next to the Maximilian Strasse is the Max Joseph Platz (Max Joseph Square). Here you can find the Residenzmuseum, exhibiting the home of Bavaria’s kings and dukes, as well as the national theatre! So beautiful!


St. Michael’s Church

Head to one of Munich’s churches in the city centre and you will be stunned by the beautiful Renaissance architecture. 



Christmas Market

If you are lucky enough to visit Munich in December, you will have the chance to experience a German Christmas Market. Enjoy some mulled wine and roasted almonds, while listening to the Christmas carols. Take a stroll around the different booths, which offer hand-crafted goods and great food.



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