10 Tips for Your First Trip to Singapore

Watch out for Fines

Singapore is very strict in law enforcement. A variety of activities ranging from smoking, eating, drinking, to carrying durians are restricted in public areas and are enforced through high fines. Take note of penalty signs, which will inform you what is prohibited.

Use Public Transport

Public transport is very developed – you won’t need a car to get around. To use the public transportation, download the app “Citymapper”, which will provide you with directions. The MRT (underground transport) and busses are very clean and safe to use.

The Underground City

To escape from the heat you can easily use Singapore’s well established underground foot paths. You will be surprised – the city continues underground with different malls, restaurants,and shops, which locals love to go to.

It’s Safe in Singapore

Singapore is a very safe city. Violent crimes against tourist almost don’t exist. You can also go out at night without any concerns.

You Don’t Need to Tip

You are not expected to leave a tip at the restaurant. The bill automatically includes 10% service charge (on which 7% GST are calculated). As a side-note, menus normally show prices without service charge and GST.

Go for Happy Hours

Fun Fact: Singapore is the 6th most expensive city for alcohol in the world. On average, you will pay SGD 8.40 for a 33cl beer. This is why you should make full use of the Happy Hour (which exists at all places of different price categories).

Pack Summer Clothes

Singapore is hot and humid all year round with no noticeable change in seasons (mostly 33°C, which can feel like 36°C). It might be 2°C cooler in the months from October to February as it is raining a lot more. For an ultimate pack-list please click here.

Plan your Day Wisely

Because of Singapore’s heat, I recommend planning your day wisely. Do your outside activities such as visiting the Botanic Garden in the morning or after 5pm. During the afternoon (2pm is the hottest time of the day) you can spend the day at the poolside, in a mall, or any other air-conditioned area.

The Role of Top Hotels

The top hotels in Singapore offer much more than just accommodation. Being located at prime locations, they are the most popular places to go for brunches, afternoon tea, dinner or drinks.

Watch out for Dengue

Dengue is a virus found in tropical climate, which is transmitted through the Aedes Mosquito. Once bitten, the consequences can be very severe with high fever throughout several days, strong headache and muscle pain (can lead to hospitalization and sometimes death). To date, there is no medication against Dengue. In Singapore the mosquito lives not only in jungle areas but also in urban centers. Use mosquito spray throughout the day to prevent getting bitten.



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